Improv Comedy 101

The Rotten Grapes Improv Comedy 101 Class is a complete foundation in the principles of comedic improvisation as practiced at The Rotten Grapes. Students begin the class by learning about ensemble, group mind, environment, object work, Comedy structure, how to improvise comedy within that structure … and end by performing their own fully improvised comedy show. After joining the 101, students are free to join the big group with practices and shows weekly.

You will improve your public speaking skills, active listening skills, learn to work in an ensemble,  get to know the basics of improv comedy and above all have a lot of fun, friends maybe even fame. Become a part of a big community of improvisers, “comedy nerds” in Hanoi. Check out great benefit of Improv Comedy here.


March Class Details

Prerequisites: No experience necessary, advanced English skills, 16+.

Schedule: Wednesday Class 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Starting Date: March 14th 

Venue: The Learning Hub, 14 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi

Fee: 2,000,000 VND or 90 USD

Class size: 8-16 students

Sessions: 6 sessions, 2.5 hours each, The class ends on April 18th. Click here to check out the class syllabus. 

Graduation show: At the end of the course.



We will send you confirmation email 3-7 days before the class starting date or once we have enough students.

Class materials

– 1 copy of Upright Citizens Brigade ASSSSCAT  as the required watch.

– 1 hard copy of The Rotten Grapes Comedy Manual as the required read (The soft version will be sent via email). 


Class rules

– Always let the instructor know if you’re coming late or cannot show up.
– It’s very important to keep the group mind so if you don’t understand a lesson or skip one, it is very important to check the review email as you don’t have to take note while learning.
– Finish the required read and watch
– Have fun and be present at the class.


Long Le

Founder of The Rotten Grapes Theater. Long Le is the guy who brought Improvisational Comedy to Vietnam. Long Le follows the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy philosophy about Truth is Funny therefore everybody can do comedy at a certain degree.

Improv 101