Improv Class with Rahel Otsa

This improv class will introduce you to the magical world of improv where shows may get inspired from the blink of an eye. Long Le will guide you through the basics of comedy improv and Rahel Otsa will bring ideas from her improv world in North Europe to teach you character build-up and relationships between them. In just 6 lessons you will be able to put a compelling improv show on the stage! 

Class Details

Prerequisites: No experience necessary, advanced English skills, 16+.

Schedule: Wednesday and Saturday nights from Dec 29 – Jan 16 from 7:30PM to 10:00PM. 

Rotten Grapes Comedy style with Long Le: Dec 29, Jan 2 and Jan  5 

Main sessions with Rahel Otsa: Jan 9, Jan 12 and Jan 16 

Venue: The Learning hub  14 Ngo Quyen – Hanoi

Fee: 1,200,000 VND

Class size: 8-16 students

Sessions: 6 class sessions + 1 group practice, 2.5 hours each.  

Graduation show: January 20th

Have questions for us? Contact us at or hotline 0968246155 (Long)

After you register we will send a confirmation email with bank details so you can transfer the class fee.

Class materials

Upright Citizens Brigade ASSSSCAT  as the required watch.

– 1 hard copy of The Rotten Grapes Comedy Manual as the required read (The soft version will be sent via email). 


Class rules

– Always let the instructor know if you’re coming late or cannot show up.
– It’s very important to keep the group mind so if you don’t understand a lesson or skip one, it is very important to check the review email as you don’t have to take note while learning.
– Finish the required read and watch
– Have fun and be present at the class.


Rahel Otsa

Rahel Otsa is a thoughtful and dynamic improviser who manages one of the oldest improv theatres in Estonia Jaa !mproteater; is the main producer of the International Improv Festival Tilt in Tallinn and coaches improv to both children and adults. Before becoming hooked with improv she did classical theatre and the theatre of the oppressed and she combines all these experiences in trying to find new ways to approach to improv. You can recognize her by fast talk, curly hair and laughter.
Some more information at:

Improv Class with Rahel Otsa

Long Le

Founder of The Rotten Grapes Theater. Long Le is the guy who brought Improvisational Comedy to Vietnam. Long Le follows the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy philosophy about Truth is Funny therefore everybody can do comedy at a certain degree.

Improv Class with Rahel Otsa