Short form Class

The Rotten Grapes short form is a style of improvised theater in which short and typically unrelated scenes are played. Short Form Improv is often more gimmickey and more game based improv. After joining the class, students are free to join the big group with practices and shows weekly.

You will improve your public speaking skills, active listening skills, learn to work in an ensemble, get to know the basics of improv comedy and above all have a lot of fun, friends maybe even fame. Become a part of a big community of improvisers, “comedy nerds” in Hanoi.

Class Details

Prerequisites: No experience necessary, advanced English skills, 16+.

Schedule: Every Wednesday from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Starting Date: Feb 20th – This will be a trial class (150k to join) to see if you fit comedy. If yes you can officially enroll and pay the fee.

Venue: The Learning hub 14 Ngo Quyen – Hanoi – Third floor

Fee: 2,000,000 VND or 90 USD

Class size: 8-16 studentsSessions: 6 class sessions + 2 group practices, 2.5 hours each. 

Graduation show: At the end of the course.

Have questions for us? Contact us at therottengrapes@gmail.com

Instructor: Sammy D Paterson

Experienced improv actor, and former graduate of the Rotten Grapes 101 class, Sam Paterson will be assisting on this course. Always looking to find the funny thing in every situation in life, he is serious about helping you to develop your own comedy improv skills